Feel-Good Greek-Style!

There are no short cuts when it comes to our passion. We pull out all the stops, giving you the ‘wow’ flavour, experience and consistency you not only want, but deserve. That’s what makes Sophies ‘feel good Greek’. And it keeps our customers coming back, again, again, and again.

We’re a small but nimble family-run take out and delivery Greek-style pizza shop in Calgary and when we’re not scouring the globe (okay, the prairies) for the freshest, ripest and boldest ingredients, we’re crafting perfect pizzas for you and your family to enjoy. From hot Hawaiians and classic Canadians to crispy wings and decadent fudge brownies, everything at Sophie’s Pizza is baked with love to make you Feel Good!


After watching his parents run a very successful pizza business in Calgary, John Papoutsakis learned how to make people happy, one topping at a time. Opening the doors to Sophie’s in Calgary in 2004 (and naming it after his sister as any good brother would), John has managed to evolve the fresh, traditional Greek-style pizza his family perfected back in the mid 80s to a more modern and convenient comfort food for today’s family on the go.

Sophie’s Pizzas are made with only the freshest ingredients like mozzarella, roma tomatoes, made-from-scratch sauce and even features premium toppings like Sorriso Pepperoni, salami from Valbella meats and a healthy Flax crust. You feel good about ordering it. You feel good about eating it. And you feel even better knowing Sophie’s is always ready to make you more.